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WebHero is the longest running hosting company in the entire world. We have been a registrar and web host since 1994 and our stability and reliability has been proven over the years. Transfer a domain name today and see some of the many reasons why we are a world class hosting company.

Why Transfer to Webhero?

  1. Absolutely No Transfer Fees.
    We never charge you any additional fees to transfer your domain. All you pay is the regular domain registration fee.

  2. Worry-Free Transfers.
    If for any reason your transfer fails or the domain cannot be transferred, we will furnish you with an alternate domain of your choice at no additional cost.

  3. Extend your Domain for Another Year.
    When you transfer your domain to Webhero, any remaining time with the previous registrar is honored plus we will extend it for another year.

All Domains Include:

  • 24/7/365 American Support
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Transfer Fees
  • Complete DNS Management
How To


  1. Ensure that your domain is at least 60 days old. According to ICANN guidelines, domains cannot be transferred to a new registrar within the first 60 days of creation. If your domain is less that 60 days old, you can still sign up for a hosting-only account with us, and transfer your domain later.

  2. Contact your current registrar to unlock your domain. If a domain is locked, it cannot be transferred to another registrar. You may have to call your registrar to unlock the domain, or they may provide an online method of unlocking your domain. You should also obtain your authorization (EPP) code at this time.

  3. When you contact your registrar, make sure that the administrative contact email address is up-to-date. This address will be used to obtain permission to transfer your domain.

  4. Visit the WebHero home page or type in the domain above to initiate the domain transfer.

  5. After you have completed the sign-up process, a "request for approval" email will be sent to the administrative contact for your domain. Follow the instructions in this email to approve your transfer. After we receive your approval for the transfer, a request will be sent to your current registrar to approve the transfer. Your registrar has five days to approve or deny the request.

  6. After your domain has been released, it will be set up in our system. If you have purchased hosting, it will be added to your account at this time. When your account is set up, you will receive an email from us with your login information.



Reliable DNS

Access to zone file management with the ability to change nameservers, host records, CNAME records, mail records, and other DNS record types is all included.

URL Forwarding

Forward any domain registered with WebHero to any other site we host at no additional cost.

Domain Privacy

Hide your personal information on a whois lookup against fraud, spammers, telemarketers and identity theft.

Domain Locking

Add an additional layer of security to domain names that will prevent another person from tampering with your domain.