Domain Privacy

When you register a new domain name, your name, address, phone number and email address are automatically entered in to a public database that can be searched by anyone. This can expose your personal information to spammers, telemarketers, and other undesirable individuals.

Don’t worry, there is a way you can protect your personal information. Webhero offers Domain Privacy that will let you register a domain without fear of exposing this information to the public.

How it Works:

  1. When you register your domain, your Registrant, Administrative, and Technical contact information is replaced with Webhero’s company information. You will still retain full control and ownership of the domain.
  2. Solicitations sent to the new email address are then filtered and forwarded to you and you can decide whether or not to respond.
  • Without Domain Privacy
    • Registrant:
    • John Smith
    • 1234 Main St
    • City, ST 98765
  • With Domain Privacy
    • Registrant:
    • Domain Privacy
    • 14000 Quail Springs Pkwy
    • Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Domain Privacy will Protect You From:

  • Spammers
  • Identity Thieves
  • Fraud
  • Stalkers
  • Unintentional Identity Disclosure
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Domain Locking

To add additional security to your domain and protect against unauthorized transfers, you can add Domain Locking to lock your domain. Locking your domain ensures that an authorization code (EPP code) can not be generated for the domain, which is required to transfer your domain to another provider.

Adding Domain Locking to your domain is the best way to ensure you are the only one who has control to make changes to your domain.

How it Works

Currently if your domain is not locked, the following steps are used to tranfer a domains:

  1. A domain transfer is requested by another registrar. This request can be initiated by anyone, whether or not they own your domain.
  2. An email is sent to the administrative contact for your domain, requesting approval for the transfer.
  3. If no response is received within five days, the domain automatically transfers to the new registrar.

You can see that if you do not receive the email, or if you are out of town, etc, it would be very easy for your domain to be transferred away without your knowledge or intervention.

With Domain Locking active and a domain transfer is requested (step 1, above) the new registrar checks to see if the domain is locked. If it is, the email from step 2 is never sent, and the domain transfer stops.

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